GPCS at Model UN Conference 10 Years

Six students from GPCS participated in the Maine Model United Nations Conference (MeMUNC) held on the Gorham USM Campus from May 18-20 2016. Approximately 600 middle and high school students from 31 private and public schools around Maine, Vermont and New York participated in the 3-day conference.

Model United Nations is an academic competition where students role-play as diplomats operating in a simulated international organization. The student delegates prepare by researching a country and developing an understanding of what that country’s policy would be on one or more international topics. At the competition delegates are judged on their ability to stay in character, resolve conflicts, negotiate and write resolutions, speak publicly and exhibit knowledge of procedures.

This year the conference Opening Ceremony started with a keynote address by University Southern Maine President Glenn Cummings. He encouraged the students to step outside their comfort zone and work together to find solutions to their differences.

GPCS has been attending MeMUNC for 10 years and represented Germany at this year’s conference. During the committee sessions student delegates debated and negotiated current issues from the agendas of various international organizations. At the MeMUNC this year, students in a simulation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) considered how to deal with Russian Aggression and the Threat of Terrorism, while the European Union attempted to deal with the Refugee Migration from the Middle East and the possibility of Enlargement by adding new states to their membership. Other committees tried to deal with Climate Change, Threats to World Heritage Sites, a Definition of Torture and The Rwandan Refugee Crisis 1996.

Representing Germany at the 2016 MeMUNC were Aaron Mears (Junior), Kade Garrison (Sophomore), Theo Vocal (Freshman), Magdalene Meek (8th Grade), Josh Murray (8th Grade) and Grace Mears (7th Grade).

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