After-Care Program

GPCS teachers provide daily after-school care for students in Preschool through 8th grade for a modest fee. Teachers provide this supervision on a rotating basis, usually in their own classrooms. Students should come prepared with a snack, homework, books to read, or games, or other activities to do while under a teacher’s supervision. The AfterCare teachers do not provide tutoring or activities for students. Sometimes teachers will take students to the playground when weather is conducive.


3:00 pm – 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday, following the GPCS school calendar. Students must be picked up by 5:30 pm at the latest. AfterCare is not available on early-release days, any day school is not in session, elementary concert days, or on high school graduation. The program starts the first Monday after school starts. Students in Preschool through 8th grade who are still under school care at 3:00 pm will be taken to AfterCare for their safety and supervision, and the parents will be billed accordingly.


First child:         TBA

Two children:                  TBA

Three children: TBA

Billing and Payment: Parents are billed at the end of each month, and payment is expected upon receipt of the statement. Late payments may result in pre-payment being required for future service. We are not able to issue refunds or credits for absences or snow days.

Additional Charges: There is an additional $10 late fee for the first occurrence of pickup after 5:30 pm. The fee increases to $20 for the second occurrence of late pickup. Three late pick-ups in a year may result in loss of AfterCare eligibility.

After-Care Policies

Sign-up: Parents should contact the Main Office to sign-up if they plan to use AfterCare on a regular basis or when they need AfterCare on a drop-in basis. It is helpful to notify the Main Office as soon as possible when care is needed for a particular day.

Pickup: Please come to the Main Entrance (the left front door if facing the school building from Broadway) and ring the AfterCare buzzer. Children cannot be released to anyone other than those individuals pre-authorized by parents. A photo ID may be required by the teacher on duty before a student is released.

Sickness: If a student becomes ill during AfterCare, he/she must be picked up when the AfterCare provider calls the parent. The same policies regarding illness that apply to the school day and school attendance also apply to after-care.

Student Conduct/Discipline: AfterCare follows the same conduct and disciplinary policies found in the GPCS Family Handbook that apply to the school day.