Elementary School

Greater Portland Christian School’s elementary program serves students in kindergarten through grade five. Our caring, competent teachers use sound instructional practices and resources in order to provide our students with a biblically based foundation of learning on which to build future success. Our goal during these formative years is for our students to become excellent thinkers, readers, and writers who have mastered the core academic skills and content required for achievement in all subject areas. We want to help each student reach the full potential of his/her God-given abilities.

Elementary students are provided a comprehensive curriculum of Bible, language arts, math, science, history/social studies, physical education, and music, all taught from the Christian perspective. Dedicated classroom volunteers provide art projects for the elementary classes. We utilize standardized and curriculum-based testing to determine the individual learning needs of our students and to monitor their growth. Our small class sizes (usually fifteen or fewer) make it possible for our teachers to more easily understand the individual needs of our students.