Why Give to GPCS?

Tuition and fees cover only about 80% of what it actually costs to educate a student here at GPCS leaving an unfunded gap of about 20% for every student. Tuition does not cover program enhancements or facility improvements—it just helps keep our school running. We do not receive any government funding to operate Greater Portland Christian School.

This difference between tuition revenue and the actual cost of education is made up through the giving of those who truly value the life-changing impact of Greater Portland Christian School. Generosity and sacrifice have been a tradition at GPCS since its founding. Although the school has grown and changed over the years, the generosity of our school family and our local community has been a constant for which we are entirely grateful.

So why give to GPCS?

  • You are making it possible for area Christian families to choose for their children an academically sound program which reinforces—not contradicts—the biblical values of their homes and churches.
  • You are partnering with the Christian home, church, and school to evangelize and disciple the minds and hearts of the next generation.
  • You are equipping children and youth with the kind of intellectual and spiritual foundation necessary for success in the 21st
  • This kind of school can only exist if it receives the generous and sacrificial support of our extended school family and the local community.
  • The sacrificial giving of our families and friends in the past laid the foundation for what our current students enjoy; now it is our turn to “pay it forward.”
  • The graduates of this school are going to make a real impact on their world, and we can be a part of that by our giving.

Ultimately, the most compelling reason to give to GPCS is that every gift, regardless of the amount, is an investment in future generations of Christians.