How To Apply: Li’l Lions

Our admission process is designed to help us learn more about your child and for you to learn more about us. Here is an overview of that process. Please feel free to contact us at any point with any questions you may have.

Step 1

Visit.  Attend an Open House and/or schedule a personal tour of the preschool. Visits are easily scheduled by sending a Schedule a Visit Form or by calling the Main Office at 207-808-8350.

Step 2

Apply.  Complete the Online Application available on this website or call the Main Office at 207-808-8350 to request a packet.

Step 3

Interview and Child Visit. The parent/guardian will interview with the Head of School while their student spends the time in the classroom with the preschool teacher. Attendance by all custodial parents is preferred and strongly encouraged. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you and your student while you learn about our philosophical, spiritual, and academic standards. This also provides you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our school.

Step 4

Acceptance. The admission committee reviews the application materials, the teacher observation data, requested program option, and the interview results and then makes admission decisions based on family and student compatibility with the GPCS mission, program, policies, and resources. Parents will be notified at the earliest possible time about the committee’s decision. An “offer of enrollment” is made by the school to the parents and must be accepted within seven (7) days in order for admission to become finalized (see “Step 5” below).

Waiting Pool: When more students apply than there are openings, applicants will be placed in a waiting pool with no respect to the order in which the applications have been received. The admission committee will review all the applications, teacher observations, selected program options, and interview results received during a specific period and then offer enrollment to the student(s) it believes to be the best fit with GPCS’s purpose and program. Once the maximum number has been enrolled for a class, parents of any additional applicants may be offered a place in a waiting pool for that class. If an opening becomes available, then the admission committee repeats the review process (without additional interviews or screenings) and offers enrollment to the student(s) it believes would be the best fit with the school’s program.

Step 5

Parental Response. Parents accept the “offer of enrollment” by paying the nonrefundable New Student Registration Fee of $150 per student along with the following forms and supplemental application materials (Family Agreement, Tuition & Fees Agreement, Annual Student Release & Work/Image Use Permission, and Health Information & Emergency Authorization) within seven (7) days of the offer in order to reserve their child’s place. If parents either explicitly decline the enrollment offer, or decline by not submitting the required fee and forms within seven (7) days of the offer, then their student’s place may be offered to another student.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!