For 2021-2022

  • Elementary:       3rd Grade Teacher
  • Middle School and High School:  Part-time Art teacher

We are looking for professionally and spiritually qualified individuals who have a solid Christian testimony, a thorough understanding of the Christian worldview and who are able to teach from the biblical perspective. GPCS equips students to understand, to embrace, and to articulate a biblical Christian worldview through from which they are able to explore and to evaluate the physical and spiritual world. GPCS uses every subject area to promote curiosity, inspire scholarship, and encourage students to discover their God-given purpose. Students are taught to analyze claims by using critical thinking skills rooted in biblical truth. They are taught to develop effective oral and written communication skills to express their conclusions. GPCS does all this with a curriculum centered on strong reading and writing skills.

These positions require a minimum of a BA/BS degree.

Salary range: $26,000 – $30,200

Come join our team, find a supportive environment, and make a difference in this next generation!

Job Descriptions & Applications

GPCS Teacher Job Description

Application: Instructional Staff (including substitute teachers)

Application: Non-Instructional Staff