Why Choose GPCS?

You will be teaching and grounding your children in biblical truth, helping them develop a biblical worldview that will last a lifetime and beyond.

  • Our entire program reinforces—not contradicts—the biblical values that you and your church are working so hard to instill in your children. GPCS is one part of a three-stranded cord—home, church, and school—partnering together to disciple and train the next generation.
  • We seek to show our students that every area of life—including the academic and intellectual—must be viewed from God’s perspective. They are taught that “All truth is God’s truth,” that He is not to be excluded from any sphere of life. This is what we mean by a “biblical worldview.”
  • Students at GPCS learn what Christians believe and why. By the time they graduate they are able to articulate the Christian faith and to offer valid reasons for those beliefs when questioned about them.


You will be providing your children with a solid, comprehensive curricular and co-curricular program designed for high achievement.

  • We provide a challenging, biblically based academic program where instruction is targeted for high achievement and which prepares students for higher education. Over 90% of our graduates go on to college or university, while some choose to enter the military or pursue other careers directly from school. Our goal is to equip them for success in either direction.
  • Students have the opportunity to earn potential college credit in their junior and senior years through Advanced Placement courses and exams.
  • Our curriculum emphasizes excellence in written communication, public speaking, and interpersonal skills.
  • All our teachers in grades K – 12 have, at minimum, bachelor’s degrees, and all are committed to ongoing professional development, in order to stay on top of best practices in education and ensure that their students have the maximum opportunity for success.
  • Our small classes and excellent student/teacher ratios (about 11:1) give students the kind of individual instruction they need to excel. In a small school, teachers really get to know the needs and strengths of their pupils.
  • GPCS offers students from fifth grade and up the opportunity to participate in a strong interscholastic athletics program. GPCS is a member of the Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) and competes with schools throughout the region.

You will be educating your child in a morally safe and secure environment where a high standard of behavior is enforced and where students feel safe, encouraged, and supported.

  • In a Christian school, we all—students, parents, and staff—are expected to engage in ways that build each other up and honor God. There is no place for language, appearance, or behavior that would show anything other than respect for God, ourselves, and those around us, for our facilities, and for our learning environment ( Romans 12:10,16; 13:8-10; 14:19). We expect, therefore, that all our school family will conduct themselves in a way that truly honors the Lord.
  • Our teachers are conscious of their responsibility to serve as Christian role models for our students. Jesus said, “…everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher” (Lk. 6:40b). There is hardly anything more important in a student’s development than to have teachers (at home, church, and school) who are worthy of imitation.
  • At GPCS, your children’s peers mostly will come from families that share your biblical values. This does not eliminate your responsibility to monitor who your children befriend (“bad company corrupts good character”—I Cor. 15:33b), but it helps when parents can work together with similar goals and standards for their children.
  • Parents love the safe, family-oriented nature of the school where faculty and parents work together to create a special and unique environment in which to learn and grow.
  • Our goal is to grow a distinctly Christian culture at GPCS where Jesus Christ is exalted, the Bible is viewed as truth, and students are encouraged to come to faith in Christ and live out biblical character in their lives.