New Playground Equipment!

A beautiful new playground set was installed this year and has been a big hit with our elementary students. This almost $30,000 purchase was made possible by a very generous corporate donation and by money raised from our BoxTops program. This project did not require any additional school funds. Parents removed the slide equipment that was installed several years ago as an Eagle Scout project (thanks, Andy Marston!). Chris Wilson did the site prep required prior to installation.

We anticipate that this will be the first phase of a two- or three-phase plan to enhance the playground. While this new equipment should be fun for even our preschoolers, future expansion will focus on adding some equipment more geared to preschool through grade 2 and will also likely include moving the existing swing set (which, by the way, will be painted to make it look more compatible with the new equipment).

Thanks to all of you who have worked on this project over a period of years. We are ultimately grateful to the Lord for blessing the school in such a tangible way yet again!